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The Sacred Flow, an exciting new experiential portal, offers YOU -yoga lovers of all ages, practices, and geographic locations- access to weekly yoga classes (a diverse variety of Vinyasa and Yin) and monthly vibrational teachings (yogic philosophy, meditations, breathwork practices, and more) that can be taken at your convenience, anywhere, anytime!

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The Sacred Flow~er Journey

Welcome to The Sacred Flow! My name is Megan Sax and I have been a passionate yoga practitioner for over 20 years. After teaching yoga for the past decade+, my intention and inspiration for creating this new and experiential yogic vault has been to offer fellow practitioners of all levels and geographic locations a convenient online hub through which to connect to various ancient practices melded together by unique approaches and balanced with refreshing and modern-day perspectives. This sacred and continually updated archive is comprised of the physical & energetic practices, philosophies, and more that have supported me along my life’s journey, and I am now excited to offer them to you!

Since its inception, yoga has remained a powerful tool to develop and deepen the connective conversation between one’s mind, body, and spirit. Having worked in the corporate arena for over 20 years, I know all too well of the stresses and anxieties presented by such that can quickly accumulate and manifest in detrimental ways which are counterproductive to achieving our goals and dreams.

In my role as a corporate director, I practiced the art of effectively applying my yogic lessons to my off-mat life, assisting team members with the development of useful stress-, time-, and anxiety-management tools (customized to individual personalities and natural tendencies), so that they were able to show up as their best selves, regardless of the task at hand.

Enter The Sacred Flow and engage a wealth of time-proven yoga practices, both on and off your mat…

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A new experience designed for you!

Wondering if this portal is for you? Simply ask yourself:

Does my inner yogi…

  • Long to slow down every now & then to bathe in a relaxing Yin class?

  • Appreciate a dynamic spectrum of class lengths & varieties?

  • Yearn to reap yoga’s rewarding offerings beyond the mat?

  • Crave tuning into my subtle bodies to elevate frequency?

  •  Wish to engage sacred themes within my practice?

  • Desire to deepen my relationship with my breath?

  • Enjoy and/or want to explore new and creative Vinyasa flows?

  • Ever struggle to attend class?

  • Ever want to do a class at an odd time when no group classes are being offered? 

    If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then YES, this exciting new journey is definitely for you!

Pricing Options

What will I receive upon entering The Sacred Flow?


The Sacred Flow offers you access to a diverse array of enjoy-at-your-convenience yoga videos designed to support you through navigating the seasonal & environmental shifts & energies that engage us all. New videos are added every month as follows:

Week 1

~ Theme of the month such as developing focus, grounding, resiliency, compassion, connecting to your dreaming, and more.

~ 45-minute Vinyasa flow

Week 2

~ Tools to support you in applying this work off-mat and through your daily engagement with the world (yogic philosophy, habits, shamanic practices, and more!)

~ 60-minute Vinyasa flow

Week 3

~ Vibrational practice
(meditations, acupressure, mantras, mudras, and more)

~ 20-minute Yin yoga

Week 4

~ Pranayama (breathwork) practices that you can do anywhere and anytime you need them!

~ 30-minute Vinyasa flow


Yoga engages us with so many wonderful opportunities beyond the realm of the asana (physical) practice with which we are so familiar. Engage The Sacred Flow today and learn more about taking your practice off-mat…!

Pricing Options

I offer monthly and yearly options for you to decide on the length of your commitment. There are two financial assistance payment options for those in financial need. If you feel you are not able to pay the full amount please choose the assistance payment option.

If you are able to pay the full amount please choose the full payment option. This allows me to continue teaching and making classes for you!

The Sacred Flow is embracing today’s technology to create an online, experiential community which supports our busy lives and yearning for sacred connection. Please reach out to me with any comments, questions, requests for additional videos, experiences you’d like to share, or add a comment to the videos to connect with other members.

 As a community, we will raise frequency…

Much love!


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